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Marrying images to messages… being justice of the peace.


When I became publisher for the Tennessee Utility News, I took over a pre-fabbed, 20 spread publication that bled text without the marriage of image.  The industry journal is heavy with policy, legislation, upcoming industry changes, etc.  There is a lot to be said, and I have the responsibility of making sure readers get the news they need.  Also being an artist, my first charge became how to make this publication also a visual experience.  I began by removing some of the pre-fabbed layouts and breaking the rules.  Being a magazine lover (favorite Bloomberg Businessweek), I want the publication to read to you and that’s the importance of pairing image with message.  For me, the best magazine articles are the ones that are not only well written but have the most thoughtful and creative layouts.  These articles are seductive.  You will see it and want to read it – like love at first sight.  However, artists can get so carried away that they make it difficult for readers to get past all the design.  I admit, that may be the case here, but this is the first time I broke the rules entirely.  I think all my pent up creativity may have exploded, but this was the start of what would become one of my favorite roles in publication composition, justice of the peace.


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