To Your Health!

Helping the way I know how.

Today, I spent my lunch at Sunshine Nutrition Center.  A go-to of mine for toiletries, supplements and best of all LUNCH ($3.99 vegan/vegetarian sandwiches/soups & fresh juices)!  My dad is fighting pneumonia by administering antibiotics and because I know not all vitamin/supplement products are equal – I sought proven bioavailable ones from my trusty shop.

  • 50 mg of liquid Zinc (w/ chromium & copper)
  • Acidophilus
  • Breathe Easy medicinal tea

He could probably use vitamins A & C too, but this is good a start.  He asked me about multivitamins.  I think he would be shocked to know that the most bioavailable, whole food multivitamins can cost more than prescriptions today.  A lot of people might be turned off at the thought of spending up to $60 for 72 vitamins.  In fact, as much as I believe in proactive nutrition, I find it hard to make that kind of continued investment after I’ve spent a good portion of my monthly budget on buying whole food.  I got lucky and found two bottles of New Chapter Organics greatly reduced because they are set to expire in February 2012.  We’ve got 36 days to make the most of them, and I intend to.

Get well dad!



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