D-e-s-i-g-n / Tricks of the Trade

Introducing brealmagazine.com

Since April 2011, my partner, Melissa Bledsoe and I built a new, local niche publication called B.Real Magazine.  A Rutherford county, Tennessee publication focussed on do-it-yourself projects, crafts, health & green living.  To date, we’ve created three issues and circulated 9,000 of them with an average online readership of 500 via www.issuu.com/brealmagazine.  We’ve known since the beginning that online presence would play a key role for the publication.  As publisher & graphic designer it has been difficult for me to reason with myself (Publisher “deadlines, budget & efficiency” v. Graphic Designer “learn CSS and make beautiful stylesheets”) and just follow my instinct.  Admittedly, I caused a lot of delay and anticipation over wanting to have total control of the design.  After months of thinking I’ll learn CSS and do this my way, I’ve realized WordPress really is a sensible option.  In fact, it’s been such an easy answer for something I thought was a really complicated question.  I feel humbled, and I’m glad I let my publisher-self win this battle.  Check out our new site: www.brealmagazine.com.


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