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Since the first week of December, I completed the first ever in-house membership directory, the January/February issue of B.Real Magazine, putting together the 2012 Conference & Event Guide, the 2011 Annual Report and currently, the 1st industry magazine of the year. Serving as publisher/editor & graphic designer, I’ve created and overseen the production of over 100 spreads in just five weeks.  It’s not entirely a one-woman show.  I do have a couple of copy editors, which I am entirely grateful for.  It takes a lot out of a person to create for long periods of time, especially in front of a lit screen.  It’s just too easy to miss layout and grammatical errors.  In advertising, one publication brought in an est. 26k net, and I’ve secured another 39k gross for the 2012 magazine.  The profit v. overhead for 2012 has already been surpassed by about 33k  – and I just got started.

Any well-established organization/association is clearly a gold-mine for advertisement-based publications.  I call that the power of the highly targeted market or niche.  However, unless you’re going to get a cut of what you sold, I wouldn’t recommend being a publisher for an organization/association.  You’ll see the scope of what you’re doing, and realize you could still make them considerable profits, while raking in the dollars yourself.  If you have any aspiration to grow what you do and foster your talents, you’re going to need the all-mighty dollar.  So if you are reading this blog for any insight, here’s my advice: get them to work with you and cut them a nice check for giving you the opportunity… keep the rest.  You’re going to need money to market yourself, and that’s going to cost you!

It will be nice when my projects have more space and time to come together.  These projects have been deadline to deadline with nearly zero down-time.  I’ve been asked by several people if I am burnt-out, but I don’t feel like I am.  The excitement of it all keeps me going.  I confess that I am feeling under-valued, but I’m clearly involved with the wrong industry to understand the impact of what I can do, involving both the market, exposure and profit.  My gut also tells me that this lack of priority in marketing and application as well as web-development has a direct relationship to the government cutting back funds for the cause.  Who cares but the industry-insiders themselves?  If you make the public care, don’t you think the politics would follow?  Not to mention, there are plenty of similar causes to get into bed with. “Together we rise. Divided we fall”

…I’m still looking for my ideal counterparts. HELLO, ARE YOU OUT THERE?


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