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5 thoughts on “FONTASTIC discovery!

  1. If you’ve never researched the history of punctuation marks, there’s another nerdy endeavor you absolutely need to try. Hours upon hours of discovery and entertainment!

  2. Colleen, thanks for your appreciation … I’m really glad you like Aierbazzi! Like Bagarozz, these fonts were part of my thesis (brodo – we’re talking about a project in 2004) and I’m really happy that someone can still enjoy them.

    Thanks so much for your energy!

    PS: You can find bagarozz and brodo on my website 🙂

    • WOW! I am so glad you found my write-up about your font Aierbazzi. I did discover Bagarozz as well, which is also brilliant as well as fun! It is such an honor for you to have read my blog and commented. I think your work is fantastic! We are so lucky to create & share ideas. I have a lot to learn still, and finding artists like yourself helps motivate me to get to the next level. Your open source fonts are a real gift to everyone!

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