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‘Failure’ Is Not a Dirty Word

Browsing one of my all-time favorite media/journalism outlets, the Huffington Post (other favorite? Bloomberg Businessweek!), I ran across this recently posted gem from Lauren Zander, life coach:

“It’s actually guaranteed that you will fail at some point while pursuing a dream in your life. But when you fail, will you misunderstand its lessons like most people usually do? Or will you relate powerfully to your failures? Most people are afraid of failure and never face it directly, thinking that admitting failure will prevent success. But it’s critical to understand that experiencing failure is just as important as, and is usually a stepping-stone to achieving, success.

Failure is not a dirty word, except everyone has a dirty relationship with it. Failure is smart, brilliant and painful; that pain is honest. Most people do everything to avoid real pain, but this is a mistake, especially in failing.

The first thing you should do is admit defeat. Whether it’s in your love life, how you handle money, your career, or relationships, there really is a point at which you should do yourself a favor and admit you’ve hit a wall. Stop trying to keep going or jumping to blame yourself or others for what isn’t working. Blaming yourself is not the same as taking responsibility. Blaming yourself leads nowhere.”

via Lauren Zander: ‘Failure’ Is Not a Dirty Word.


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