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Nashville’s First Holistic Life Coaching Program.

B.Real Magazine Spring 2012

Early Spring, I had the good fortune of meeting the founder of the Radiant Health Institute, Dez Stephens. She approached me at the Living Well expo at the Factory in Franklin, where I had a booth for my health & green living publication, B.Real Magazine. Eager to meet new people in-line with my mission to unify & grow middle TN’s all-nautral & eco-friendly community, meeting Dez turned out to be no accident. She understood my product, and what I wanted to do with it.

Dez is a certified life coach, who specializes in marketing. She trained in San Diego nearly a decade ago. At that time, Nashville did not offer any type of life coaching certification. Once she became a life coach, she started working with clients in the Nashville area who were practitioners, operating small businesses or venturing new kinds of businesses, like lucrative .com’s. It would seem that her affiliation with the a prominent health food magazine might have had something to do with her obvious passion for the healing arts. Dez had a hand in the development of Vanderbilt’s first integrative health practice along with Dr. Roy Elam, which later became defunct. It was only a matter of time before Dez would set into motion her vision for an educational entity that offers both holistic life coach training and a coach/practitioner network that actually gives individuals trained in the healing arts a venue for assisting others via holistic house calls.  

Dez Stephens, coach & founder of RHI

She and I met sometime later in May, when she revealed the Radiant Health Institute to me. Since 2010, I toyed with the idea of getting an education regarding holistic health & nutrition by Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC). I’d had their course information packets shipped to my house, and spoke with a representative a couple of times over the phone, but I just wasn’t thrilled with the idea of online classes. I had taken them before during college and never enjoyed them. So when Dez explained to me her mission and purpose behind RHI, I thought to myself “yes, yes, yes!!!” Finally, we have an education/network right here in middle TN. This is absolutely breakthrough! If you know anything about the stronghold of the modern health care business in Nashville or that up until this year naturopathy has been illegal, then you know this is big!  

This summer, I participated in RHI’s first cycle of holistic life coach training, and I loved it. After 40+ hours in-class training, 20 hours of homework and 10 hours of practicums, I became certified in late August. As a result, I am able to redefine my service to others and begin my life coaching practice. Now, I am not only a magazine publisher focused on health & green living, but I am also a certified holistic life coach ready to serve and assist others.

RHI Holistic Life Coach Certification Class, August 2012

I will blog later on my life coaching practice, so please follow this blog if you’d like to join me as I tell my story and bring light to the emergence of life coaching and the healing arts, especially to middle Tennessee. 

Colleen Sauvé


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