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This is from my sister’s blog. Check out this post on “Dead Fish.” We’ve all dealt with it, but how do you deal with it?

My Etch-A-Sketch Life

Like a stealth cat she walks into the dark bedroom.  She sidles up to the side of the bed. “Daddy?”

“Hum?” He doesn’t turn or move but opens one eye to see his youngest stare at him.

“My fish is dead” Said with no emotion just a fact, she shrugs her shoulders and exits toward the kitchen for cartoons and breakfast.

Ever see those carnival gold fish?  My daughters ages 12 & 7 worked it, since they were not getting a puppy anytime soon, come on let’s get fish they are easy to take care of yadda yadda ya…  Short story following a few ping pong throws, here they come home with 5 goldfish.  What is crazy is I go out and buy aquariums for these poor little guys and well, they are dropping out on us to 1 who remains – All hale King Louis and we hope you make…

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