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Once in a Blue Moon

This is a special day because my friend, Valerie, is celebrating her dirty-30 birthday on the same day as the blue moon. This particular occasion really is relevant to the phrase “once in a blue moon.” So I decided to do a little research and see what this blue moon is really all about. Turns out, it’s actually an accidental error on an amateur astronomer’s part who made his assumptions public when he published it in Sky & Telescope Magazine in the 1940’s.

“Americans seemed to like the idea of a blue moon, so it stuck. And, although it’s originally a mistake, astronomers seem to have fun with it because interest in astronomy blossoms.”

Who care’s if it’s true… it brought it to you. That’s just classic old fashion PR/Marketing right there.

href=’’>Blue moon: one small mistake, giant folklore for the sky – Capital Weather Gang – The Washington Post.


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