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A State of the Art Birthing Center in TN?

Infinity Birthing Center

Today, I was shocked to find that a friend of mine is pregnant with her third child. I knew her husband and her separately before they even became a couple. I’ve watched them fondly as they built a relationship and later a family. It’s been over the course of four or five years, but I guess the time we’ve spent together has been so rare over the last several years that I’m always surprised to learn how they are growing. This Spring, I featured her family on the cover of my magazine (click link to read the issue), B.Real Magazine. She wanted to document her life, living as waste-free as possible for a year. Since B.Real is a health & green living magazine, I thought it would be a great feature. A family of four with a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle. She even told me of her desire to begin refusing mail junk. Right on! They had their first two children, nearly one after the other. She had both of her daughters naturally. I was so impressed and inspired to know someone my age, who actually wanted to have natural child birth. After watching the 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born (BOBB), without complication, I would definitely opt for natural childbirth!

My friend posted today that she’s discovered a new place to have her child. She said, “This place is more like a luxury hotel rather than a hospital setting, they take TennCare as well. They offer water labor AND birth, and the ride there from my house is beautiful and scenic.” Really? Sounds to good to be true for these parts, aside from the well known midwifery center on The Farm in Summertown, TN, also featured in the BOBB documentary. She discovered the Infinity Birthing Center in Cookeville, TN. I followed the link provided and my first response was WOW. What a progressive looking facility, and you get to choose rooms based on your preference of decor, featuring a zen, cottage or tuscan style birthing room. I don’t know which one I would pick! I’m just so thrilled that I get to share this information with my mommy-to-be friends because this is the kind of option we should have. Of all my friends & family, it’s very odd to me that I only know a couple of women who’ve actually had vaginal births. Something’s wrong here. I tend to point my finger at scheduled births. I recommend EVERY woman watch The Business of Being Born.

— Infinity Birthing Center.


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