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Because of Aaron’s Last Wish… #gratitude continues.

photo-6Incredible blog, written by the waiter, Boeskool, at Mafiaoza’s who received “Aaron’s Last Wish” $500 tip on that fine night in Nashville, TN. I had the pleasure of having that dinner with Aaron’s crusader brother, Seth Collins & his travel pal, Laura Mynsberge, who are my friends from my KIIS Study Abroad experience in Italy, summer 2007. (The Boeskool & Seth Collin’s pictured above)

Seth & Laura spent Fall break touring the Southeast giving out $500 tips in honor of Aaron’s last will & testament, which indicated that if Aaron had any money left when he died to go out for pizza and leave a really big tip. Despite Aaron not having any money when he died, a viral media campaign erupted. Aaron’s older brother, Seth found himself in a unique position to allow Aaron’s Last Wish to be fulfilled MANY times over, more than Aaron could have ever imagined. Right now, there’s about 62k of fully donated funds to allow $500 tips to be left all around-the-country. That’s exactly what Seth intends to do in honor of his little brother.

Me, Seth (beside me) and Laura across the table in the pink. Rome, Italy. June 2007

It was really fun spending time & catching up with my friends. We talked about their trip and adventures from Atlanta to New Orleans, Auburn, Memphis and onward (there were other cities in between). Though, five year’s had gone by, we picked up right where we left . We laughed and recounted our incredible experience in Italy. We all agreed it was a defining moment in our lives. I definitely came back with more confidence and a better of understanding of who I really am. There were a lot of memorable moments for us. From drinking wine from what we’d call a juice-box in the states to when Laura & I had a “top model” moment in the park in Florence. A personally important moment for me was when I got lost in

Goofball alert: Me & Laura posing very wanna-b sexy in the park.

Rome all by myself. I had some deeply spiritual moments that restored my faith. That experience also taught me to trust and honor my independent nature. I got by famously, though I did miss class. I believe it was all a rite-of-passage in the end.

I have Aaron’s Last Wish to thank for bringing my friends to Nashville, so that we could share that moment! I’ve certainly missed my friends!

Read about Boeskool’s thoughts & experience  of “Aaron’s Last Wish” here… I am truly in awe of the good that came from this simple, yet very rewarding exchange. When we give what we get back, it continues… #GRATITUDE is the most prosperous of all emotions.

Aaron’s Last Wish, and My First $500 Tip.


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