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The Reality Faux – I can’t look away.

Consider me a Bravo addict. It all started with the Real Housewives of Atlanta (#RHOA). Let me tell you, this drives my husband nuts! “You watch this stuff because deep-down you want to be like these people. That is not who I married.” he tells me. Isn’t he dramatic? I’m not a big fan of judging a person based on their flavor of entertainment. If that were so, I wouldn’t have married a guy who for the first year of our dating encouraging me to watch WWE Friday Night Smackdown with him. …And now you know the truth. My husband is wrestling fan. His favorite wrestler? I’ll say, The Undertaker.

Since indulging in RHOA, I’ve been known to watch various other Real Housewives franchises (New York, Beverly Hills, Orange County, New Jersey and my new favorite… Miami). If we must diagnose, why I might be a fan of these shows – I’m inclined to believe it’s a classic case of voyeurism or maybe abjection. We’re watching a carefully designed “reality” that comes through the tube all packaged up. It’s got it all – even the best comedies sitcoms today use the reality tv method – Modern Family, the Office and Parks & Recreation.

The producers of the Real Housewives of… put a mocumentary twist on the whole experience. Once the digital reels hit the cutting floor, we’re left with the best of the worst like:

“If you act the fool in public, you’ll act the fool anywhere.” – Phaedra Parks

There’s more where that came from. Much more.

Another justification for watching this reality-tv porn is for the live tweeting component. Since becoming a twitter convert in 2012, I can honestly say the BEST  twitter I engage in is live tweeting during Bravo shows or the Bachelor / Bachelorette. While watching the first run of any episode follow the corresponding hashtag and you’ll be united with some of the best tweeting comedians out there. My favorite? @Possessionista, Dana Weiss. You’re welcome.

Oh and let’s not forget Lindsey Lohan’s best work this year in the Real Housewives of Disney!



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