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Liz Lovely Cookies – Baking a Difference


Just me, being cheeky to death.

Do you love the taste of cookie dough? Let me tell you why these cookies are so awesome, I am not a “sweets” person. I like savory things, but these cookies are really something special. Ever since I discovered Liz Lovely Cookies at Sunshine Nutrition Center, I can’t avoid getting them each time I visit the store. These gluten-free, vegan cookies are freaking amazing! I even gifted them to some of my family during the holidays. I hope they enjoyed them as much as I do.

Liz’s story: “After the 2K dot com crash, my high school sweetheart Dan and I were out of work, in debt, with cash running out fast. Meanwhile (and much to Dan’s chagrin) I filled the freezer with vegan goodies for friends and family. The outcry was unanimous, ‘When can we place an order?’ So, we started over in the Green Mountains of Vermont, baking decadent cookies using artisan techniques and only the best ingredients. We like to call it, Baking a Difference.” (They are holding the trademark as well. Smart cookies, they are.)


Liz & Dan on season 4, Sharktank

Last year, these cookies were also featured on Sharktank, which is a tv show with a panel of investors (Mark Cuban is my favorite! – he’s a leo, go figure.) who entertain company pitches, then decide whether to become the company’s mentoring investor in exchange for stock/equity in the company. This is one of my favorite shows on TV today. Here’s how it all went down:


The Mark Cuban

DO THE SHARKS BITE? … Mark (Cuban), who is a gluten-free mogul, thinks the cookies are tasty, but knows the market is very competitive. He’s not crazy about the evaluation of the company and wants Dan and Liz to make him an offer. He’ll then reverse his 24-second clock gimmick by giving himself that amount of time to say yes or no. Liz and Dan offer him 20% equity.

THE RESULT Mark ponders the offer for a moment, but then politely declines. After the entrepreneurs leave the tank, Mark admits to the other sharks that he wanted 33%. Hopefully, Liz and Dan will find sweet success with their cookies outside the tank.” – abc.com

Despite not getting a fortune to launch their brand, I still have access to these Vermont-made cookies right here in Middle Tennessee. High five for small businesses!  


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