Who me?

SquareatSunsetDespite being born a city gal, I grew up in small town Tennessee. I moved to Murfreesboro to attend MTSU in late 2002, and after ten years, I call Murfreesboro home. With it’s antebellum & post war history as well as convenient access to Nashville, Murfreesboro’s not only a beautiful place to live but also a great place to do business.

Just a year before graduation, I began a career with a local state industry organization known as the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD).  Almost three years later, I became the art guru of TAUD and the designer, acquisitions and copy editor of the Tennessee Utility News. Continuing my career with TAUD, I independently founded B.Real Magazine in 2011 and published RC Hoops in 2012 in connection with Sports Radio host, Phil Dye. I offer free publishing consultations and am available for hire as a freelance designer and project manager.  Over the years, I’ve managed to develop great relationships with local printers and can usually get a great deal to suit any project budget.

With a passion for wellness, I became a holistic life coach from the Radiant Health Institute. Life coaching has helped me professionally & personally. I use skills & techniques that I learned from the training daily. I welcome the opportunity to coach you. Contact me for a consultation (see form below).

My guilty pleasures include Bloomberg Businessweek, technology news, Entertainment Television, the Bravo channel, celebrity gossip and spontaneous all-nighters with girlfriends in the big city.

I’m married to the very talented Luke Sauve, bmx biker and DJ. We lead a pack of four awesome dogs that I like to call our “furkids.” When I’m not working or being impulsively entrepreneurial, I’m typically engaging in one of the following; cooking healthy food for my husband & friends, gardening, sauna-time, watching the my guilty pleasure TV shows, drinking with friends, playing video games or expressing myself creatively without expectation.