Because of Aaron’s Last Wish… #gratitude continues.
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Because of Aaron’s Last Wish… #gratitude continues.

Incredible blog, written by the waiter, Boeskool, at Mafiaoza’s who received “Aaron’s Last Wish” $500 tip on that fine night in Nashville, TN. I had the pleasure of having that dinner with Aaron’s crusader brother, Seth Collins & his travel pal, Laura Mynsberge, who are my friends from my KIIS Study Abroad experience in Italy, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Etch-A-Sketch Life:
fish bowl (Photo credit: Kreative Eye – Dean McCoy) Like a stealth cat she walks into the dark bedroom.  She sidles up to the side of the bed. “Daddy?” “Hum?” He doesn’t turn or move but opens one eye to see his youngest stare at him. “My fish is dead”…

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‘Failure’ Is Not a Dirty Word

Browsing one of my all-time favorite media/journalism outlets, the Huffington Post (other favorite? Bloomberg Businessweek!), I ran across this recently posted gem from Lauren Zander, life coach: “It’s actually guaranteed that you will fail at some point while pursuing a dream in your life. But when you fail, will you misunderstand its lessons like most … Continue reading